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How to make adsense for feeds

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How to Make AdSense for Feeds How do Imake adsense feedscould appear in the blog we are read by email? Here's how:First, log into your AdSense account and navigate to setup AdSense for Feeds:
* Click on AdSense Setup* Click onAdSense for Feeds
* This will take you to the main settings screen.
* Click on the burn a new feed (See the directions below) Will Appear pop-up Activated New Feed.
* In the Blog or Feed URL: Enter the address instead of the Feedburner feed (feed your web original) for example,
Note: How to find your web feeds as follows:Open your web (With Mozilla) and then right click any web page you, Then click the tab Feed And click on one address is imaginable feedsOnly then copy the address in the address bar imagin able browsers you.back to page adsense
Click Next and you will return to the pop-up box Activated New Feed In the box Feed Address will be visible: is that we fill the box with the name of our feeds, for example I give the name; so that will feed my adsense address will be: In the box Feed title: fill with a name, such as sy fill in the Bahr el-ulumIn the box Language Feed adjust our web language, for example; English Next:
* Click Next
* Then Click on Close Now you return to the main settings screen again.
* Click on Create a new channel (Create new Channel)
* Enter a name for example: Bahr-ulum. You can make your feed can be targeted if you want.
* Click Add
* Manage ad placement and configuration
* Copy your AdSense for Feeds feed address - ie:
* Click save
Feeds settings in your AdSense account has been our doing.Now we will make arrangements Feedburner Feed Redirect your AdSense For Feedsis logged into your FeedBurner account (or make a new if not have one).
* Click on the feeds you - for example: Bahr el-ulum
* Click on Edit Feed Details
* Change your original feed - namely: Feeds - namely: