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Pay per lead is one of afiliate marketing will pay some persons you prospect.

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Pay per lead is a type of the that will pay of some person you prospects. This program is easier than pay per sale pay per sale, because of this in program prospects poeple we do not need use money, simply by filling out the form after registration process is completed, we will get a commission. This program is difficult than pay per click, because pay per click then we will pay for each click, while in the pay per lead program needs a lot of energy to fill out the form, the purpose of their owner, entered into the program pay per lead (ppl) is not collected a name which to offer the product. In pay per click we will get a commission even if the person we prospect not buying, there are many pay per lead program on internet as maxbounty and clickbooth. Example of pay per lead example for example that was held by paypal and the facebook is on call with paypal wishlist, you can get $ 1 for every person you invite to be their prospects.hopfuly usefull
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