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2.On the Campaigns tab, click All online campaigns on the left.
3.Click the Ads tab.
4.Click the Filter button at the top of the table statistics.
5.Select Create a new filter.
6.Select Approval Status from the first menu on the left.
7.Select "Denied" checkbox and deselect all other boxes.
8.Select "Save Filter" checkbox if you want to use the filters that you create later.
9.Click Apply.Table update automatically show you all ad dispproved. Click the icon next to the ads to see why it was rejected.To get your ad running again, make the necessary changes to your ad and save.To edit your ad, hovering over the table row that contains a list of ads you want to edit. This line highlights and exposes the editable fields on which you can click to edit.Click the pencil icon next to the ad, and you will be able to edit inline ads.Click Save when finished. Since the edit and save your ad will be sent back to us for review, the Status column will change from "Rejected" "Pending Review."Is it keyword matching options?The four keyword matching options determines which Google searches could trigger your ads to appear. This option can help you control who saw the ad.Specify each keyword-targeted searches in order to have one of the four settings.To use keyword matching options, simply by adding the appropriate punctuation to keyword: 1.Broad match: keywordAllows advertising and similar phrases appear on relevant variations, for example:Broad-matched keywords: Ads may appear on searches: Tennis shoe tennis shoe buy tennis shoes photo tennis shoes running shoestennis shoes
2.Phrase match: "keyword"Allows ads appear on search that match the exact phrase, such as the example below: Keyword phrase matching: Ads may appear in the search: Ads will not appear on searches:"Tennis shoes" red tennis shoesbuy tennis shoes©SCD-blogs.blogspot.comphoto tennis shoes for tennis shoes shoes tennis
3.Exact match: [keyword]Allows ads appear on search that match only with exact phrase as the following example:Exact match keyword: Ads may appear on the search: Ads will not appear on searches:[Tennis shoes] shoes tennis tennis shoes redshoes tennis buy shoes 4.Negative match: keywordEnsure the ad does not appear in all searches that include that word, egKeywords: Ads may appear in your search: Ads will not appear on searches:Tennis shoes former tennis shoesbuy tennis shoesused tennis shoes tennisex-used to play tennis shoesNegative keywords will be useful especially if your account contains lots of broad match keywords.How much does adsword cost? You can use the Search Costs and Payment Options to find out the costs and optionsAdWords PaymentHere are some basic things you should consider when trying to calculate the cost of AdWords campaigns.Every day.
3.You set the cost per click or impression that you're willing to pay.Pay only for results©
4.Choose to pay only for clicks on ads (with cost-per-click bidding) or obtained by ad impressions (with preferred cost per thousand impressions).So hopefully useful, if you want to have a side income via the Internet that can be greater than your main income now, try to register your name here, good luck.