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How to register free domain

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How to Register Domain Free Co.TV Apparently there are still good people who provide free, in the internet world seems very possible although there is free behind the "shrimp" that we do not know. For those who like free stuff, especially the domain, Co.Tv provide free domain name like but actually I think this is not original but a sub-domain domain.What is clear Co.TV this domain seems easier to remember than because maybe the TV is more familiar to our ears. To register a domain that you like, do the following:
*. Visit with the following display
*. Enter a domain name that you like, for examplebolamaniaand click CHECK button
*. If there is a message like the picture below, which is input berararti domain already owned by other users.
*. Under the warning above, the input return domain names that you like for exampleIf there is a message, then you have successfully created an account (Let's just say we have succeeded in registering with an account id:andisolo)
*. Click the"To register your domain Co.TV click here",and then input"beritabola"and click CHECK, it will be displayed a message such asNo.5above steps.
*. For theRegistrant, Admin and Technical Contactfill in your username when register at step in this case is andi solo userid) as shown below.Click the button CONTINUE
*. If the message that appears like the picture below, you managed to get the domain that you want.Domain Co.Tv you, ready to be used as a CMS website or blog.Good luck