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- Game Zynga Poker is one online game in facebook who has a nice visual effect.Poker game can be played from 6 types of sites ie Facebook, Tagged, Hi5, Bebo, My Space, My Yahoo.But among the selected sites are generally much choose up. Here are some tips in playing poker facebook:CHANGING STYLES OF PLAYINGChanging the style of play is the most important thing when you are playing with opponents that you often encounter. The ability to always change the style of play will make your opponent is always second-guessing your character and can not be "read" your self.KNOW WHEN TO STOPMany great poker players who win three times and lost three times as well until finally completely bankrupt. Many poker players also win a little bit 10 times in a row and instantly lost in a single bet.Indeed, playing a record 10 times wins and 1 defeat, but still immediately go bankrupt.Remember to always limit losses and maximize your winnings. Do not be too greedy when putting your bet unless you really have a good card.CHANGING STYLES OF PLAYINGSome players "mixing" how to play by playing very aggressively when they have good cards and play aggressive as well as having a bad card. Instead try to bet on your bad card the same as when you have a very good card.This will make your opponent confused when a bet with you.WHEN PLAYING YOUR SEATINGThe sitting position is one of the important things in poker, and I mean the position is where you sit relative to the dealer (the dealer). Turn in the betting is usually determined in a clockwise direction.If your sitting position increasingly "distant" from the dealers, the more your opponent who must bet first.This becomes important because you can make the decision to bet or not after a first look at what your opponents do.POKER TRAININGPoker is not much different than sports.You'll never see a professional basketball player who can easily make shots three digits.And if you think about how might be able to enter such a big ball into the hole so small from great distances? But the players certainly have been training a long time and many times so it's likely three-point shots look very easy.Similarly, playing poker.Many people underestimate the difficulty of this game, while Poker is actually a very complicated game.You need a few important things to know in order to become a good poker player.The most important thing is to always practice like a professional athlete before playing in a real poker game.Read poker books, watch videos, video poker and understand a few basic strategies before you risk your money in a real poker game.DURING LAST MAYOften lost and a little win is a disaster when you play poker.It does not matter how, but you try to survive as long as possible at the poker table.When you play well, do a quick stop.Generally, people often quit too soon and you play better when you win more often than losing.So, when you win, keep playing until you are tired, and exit when you start making mistakes.TOURNAMENT GAME VS CASHThe main difference from Tournaments and Cash Games Cash Game play is when you can learn from the mistakes you made earlier, but in a tournament one mistake can result in losing all your money.So you should always be calm, do not misread you and your opponent out of the tournament.A few tips to play up ..This is simply a tips ..not a trick ..Congratulations to play Poker