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All Twitter users must have known that < a href="">to get the follower, the easiest way is to follow the first.The more people you follow your chances for follow will be higher.However, people do not necessarily going to follow you even though you have to follow him. However, people do not necessarily going to follow you even though you have to follow him.Each Twitter user has the right not to follow behind.Moreover, if you do not ngetweet something useful, you can lose a number of followers.Similarly if you are to follow a lot of people but you do not ngetweet anything then people will think you are a scammer, bot users and ultimately you will not get a follower.Unless you are celebrity or famous person, then you must be a bit trying to get a follower.It's how:*. Follow to the follow is the most simple tips.But chill out, do not then you are to follow 500 people within 1 day. Try to keep the ratio between accounts that you follow and your followers approached 1:1.Tell you to follow 500 people and has 500 followers, it would be better if you do not to follow 500 people the next day. Take a week a more Postinglah tweet-tweet of useful, interesting things to share or provide relevant information.When you are surfing in cyberspace for example, and find something that is considered okay, divide the link.
*. Do not empty the bio and photo.People will turn away if they do not see anything in your profile.Write something about yourself and add photos, be great if a picture shows you.Tweeps (call for Twitter users) would prefer to know with whom they talk. Bikinlah blog or website and provide the link in the bio.Blog or website will provide more detailed information about you when compared with a short bio in the profile.
*. Please do not hesitate to retweet (RT) tweet that you have found useful and you get on the follower. They will also do the same thing to you and your name will appear on their followers.
*. Know there will be meeting fellow Twitter user?Make sure you come and take a souvenir in the form of a new follower.Do not hesitate to share your username on Twitter social networking site, in forums or on blogs.
*. Just to ngetweet confident about what you think.Be yourself, do not need bandwagon.A good opinion on a matter will be RT or in-reply, so this will 'mengeksiskan' your profile.Do not be afraid also to change the color and background settings according to your character.
*. Try to ngetweet regularly.Not mean you have to ngetweet for 24 / 7 (hours / day), but try to do every day.If people see last tweet Andadi updated a week ago, could be they are reluctant to follow you again.
*. Tips is the ultimate balance.If you just ngetweet about yourself, what you do, or ngetweet to promote your products all the time, then people will get bored with you.The solution is, for example from 10 tweet, tweet postinglah only 1 or 2 which contains about yourself.The rest contains about things that are useful to your followers.Balance is key.