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sign up twitter account

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How to Sign Up Twitter Account Create a Twitter account is straightforward, like creating an account up we just enter the username, password, email, and others.But before we make a Twitter account is more helpful to know what it Twitter ..?

    Twitter is a kind of social sites like Facebook to communicate and exchange information with the message text message or simply declare what is being done. The following easy ways to register Twitter.

    2.after last entry in the address display select menu SIGN UP,

    3.Please fill in the Form of which provideFull Name (Real Name), Username, Password and email click create My Account.After clicking the menu create an account on twitter page, the next step in making twitter is to fill out thecodefirst, or commonly called chaptcha code, after that you will be offered for the add friend, this page can be passed, you can skip the next page also, well now you already have a twitter account, good luck with the list of twitter.