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How to doing job at linkworth

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Share How to doing job at linkworth Just like on other PTR sites, on LinkWorth also apply BID system and review requests directly from the advertiser.For BID system then we will not necessarily be able to get these jobs, we live our blog see whether or not the advertiser demand, if approved then we can do the requested review. While the demand for reviews that come directly from the advertiser then we can directlydothejob review of LinkWorth.Here are the steps how to do the job on LinkWorth review:
Login your account LinkWorthIf there are any pending jobs waiting for us to do so when we enter an account there will be a link message in red with the words You Have Pending LinkPost To Publish(every job is accepted will be notified via email)Please click the linkThen we'll be taken on the formLinkPost Publishing Deals,there will be seen job-job that is waiting for us to do.
To know the details / description advertiser requests then we can click the blue button at the bottom ofthe Actions column Once we click it will be shown in detail what the requested advertiser If we've made ​​an article review of one of advertisers, we can submit your blog URL, how to form click one of the advertisers that we already do, the Post URL enter the URL without http://post our reviews and then click Complete A few days later an email confirmation will come whether we approved or denied review, if approved it will automatically earnings on our account will grow, but if rejected the advertiser will review our review a few days later, therefore, immediately fix our review of the rejected . Hopuly usefull