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How to register on alertpay

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Tips How to register on alertpay account What is alertpax Actually AlertPay is similar to PayPal, the same - the same as a means of payment (payment processor) using the Internet is widely used by online businesses. and was almost the same way it works with Paypal,I will provide how to register on AlertPay.HOW TO MAKE ALERTPAY ACCOUNT
1. The first open its first web friend
2. Page register, please fill in all fields that have provided contact information, then click Next
3. Then fill the complete data to login, after all occupied click Register
4. After the register then you will get the activation email, click on the link provided by alertpay, click the link and then fill in your username and password that you submitted earlier.Good friends already have accounts from AlertPay to the next friend can trade using theAlertPay accountHOW TO TAKE MONEY FROM ALERTPAY / Withdraw to BANK INDONESIA?Perhaps the netter who is often transact online has often withdraw from AlertPay, and for those of you who do not know how to withdraw to the bank here's how:
1. First - all went into AlertPay account, which do not have pleaseclick
2. then select "Profile", then select Financial, Then click the Bank Accounts Select the country where your bank account is located, then next
3. Select "Bank Wire" Then next
4. Curency = fill US.DOllar
5. Type = Personal Savings Accounts
6. Account Number = Your Bank Nomor.Rekening
7. Bank Code = In order to fill the bank code (3 digit bank code 4 digit branch code)
8. branch code is the first 3 digits of our account number (branch number where we open a bank account) or can be asked directly to the concerned bank branch
9. SWIFT BIC consists of 8 letters,
10. After all filled including bank name (phone number and contact name dikosongin aja), click next
11. Please Continue to the next process to complete.If it is correct, there will be a confirmation:'You have successfully added your bank account. It is now confirmed and ready for you to use.
12. Then please try to withdraw into our bank account in Indonesia.Transfer money from Alertpay will cost U.S. $ 20.So, Withdrawnya should be more than $ 20, or at least withdraw over $ 100!