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quick way into 10 google page rank

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Tips for a quick way into the top 10 google page rank A quick way into the top 10 ranking google can actually be done easily and very quickly without waiting for days and even months because it really can be done quickly even less than 1 hour. Many people who have done the optimization on his blog from the use of keywords, meta settings or use special tools and special web to determine the best keywords that most people search for on search engines, but sometimes still can not penetrate the top 10 google search engine in quick time for each article made. Why is that?The answer is because there is one step that you do not do is to do the pinging.Ping This is actually his way of other means skip the above.With our ping will be indexed quickly on google.Why so fast? Because by doing a ping ping then this will work sends a packet of information in the form of xml to the server so that it can speed up your article get listed in google search engine.The more articles you create into the search engines the more traffic you will get unexpected results of ping from search engines. Here's a list of ping service providers that you can exploit:http://pingomatic.com the article Quick Login Top 10 Rank GooglePage this could benefit you all and is always sharing knowledge for our common interests.