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6 blogger mistakes when writing articles

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Know the 6 blogger mistakes when writing articles writing is the transfer activity of thinking to others through the medium of writing.There is no special standard governing this case.I like the English proverb that says: You know, I know. Originally mean you understand what I wrote, yes already been the case.For example when you send an SMS with your friends.A word is enough OK representing tens of other words.In terms of blogging,writing articlesthat could attract the attention of the reader and is regularly visited by every blogger's dream. This is one of the basic strategy in building a blog with the overflow of visitors stay.But often I get confused just after reading an article a friend of bloggers.I do not get the main points of discussion.My mind is groggy even when trying to connect the meaning between paragraphs. This is again discussed what?If you want your articles readable and easily understood in bulk by others, does not hurt to check the common mistakes that often occur as the following:
1. Fixated on grammar.We must differentiate between writing articles blogging by writing a job application.When blogging, whenever possible you should draw closer to the reader. Use the appropriate standard language grammar good impression and show a glimpse of the academic side.However, if the use it is even ambiguous meaning, it is better avoided.
2. Error analyzing blog visitors.Tip two is to understand segmentation visitors to your blog.For the segmentation is different, requiring different methods of psychological approaches as well.This can be differentiated according to age category, sex, religion, education, shelter, motivated readers and some other grouping field.
3. Too much bragging.Too much talk will from kill you.That's what I believe to this day.When writing, sometimes without your awareness has made some blunders that make the reader somewhat uncomfortable commenting. For example too glorifying own work without giving an objective view of the similar work of other comrades.Even more unfortunate again when bloggers meet a lot of talk but little action.
4. The title of the article is not interesting.Some time ago I have been a little bit about the selection of the title of the article is interesting.In an era of increasingly mushrooming news portal, the law sometimes does a little sadistic. If the title you can not get curious visitors in the first 5 seconds, then there goes the chance to read in full.5. Content based on what you need to learn, not what the reader needed.When writing articles, we often unwittingly caught up in ego-self. You are then to write only the things you need.While out there are still a lot of visitors who seemed to say: "Request an article about the info A, B and C If this continues you do, I'm sure your blog will stop publishing the article when you feel it's enough to know all things. your needs are met, want to write what else?
6. Impersonate another person articles.Other names are hijacked, copy and paste, and other cheating.For the long term, this is hurting you. If only once failed to pass Copyscape caught, you will trouble the reader confidence in subsequent articles.