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How to accelerate proces loading blog pages

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Share How to accelerate the process loading pages There are several things that cause the blog page loading process becomes unwieldy and thus require a long time to resolve bad page normally.Well here I explain one by one:Content OverstatedFor blogs that put banners / pictures, widgets or other accessories may be either in the form of HTML or Java Script, you should begin to be more selective in choosing and sort out whichever is deemed necessary and important for your blog and visitor Popular blog Famous blogs are usually very crowded by visitors every day, this can be proved by the number of comments that always fill in every post articles.The more comments the more the need of space or place and will automatically take over for the opening of the page.Election Not Based TemplatesThere are many templates seo friendly or friendly to search engines but there are also some templates that use the header image very well or wow magnitude that will only increase load capacity alone.Now to cover the above problems is the right solution withCSS Compression,the following steps:
a. Log in to Blogger > Layout > Edit Html
b. Cut or CUT CSS code in your blog template
Note:the CSS code in between code <b:skin> and </ b: skin>
c. Visit the sitecssdrive.comd.Paste the CSS code that you cut earlier into the box and the settings as shown below:Compression mode: Normal Comments handling:
Do not strip any comments .Then press" Compress-it!"
f. After the compression process is complete the CSS of your blog will see a message like the following exampleg.Now copy the CSS code that you just compression and paste into your blog template code between<b:skin> and </ b: skin>
h. Save And now please feel changes that occur in your blog, the more easily, not loading?Hopefully useful
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