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Increasing page rank with technorati

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Increase Pagerank fast With Technorati For most bloggers,this servicemay already be known.As for beginner blogger like me, this service may be known and using. why?Based on information from some bloggers, and from the menu technorati, can take four important points that indicates whether the technorati that. Namely Technorati as a blog / rss directory, as a blog search engine Technorati (especially blogs), as an online technorati technorati borkmarking and perhaps as a tag aggregator. Here we know that technorati is a service that focuses on blogs.So as a blogger, it is unfortunate if you do not know this.By using this service, we will dicrawl blog and a blog technorati stored in the data, automatic import rss feeds to our blog, detection tags, as well as links from other blogs to our blog. Again it comes to backlinks and ranking blogs ..The focus this time is to how to claim your blog on technorati.And here is the technorati list, to complete the validation process technorati token code:
1. First you must create an account first, open the registration
2. Complete data properly, use an active email, and do not forget to fill the captcha and check the contents of its agreement, then click "Join"
To perform activation, now open the email you used to register earlier.Open the email from technorati and click the activation link, Once your account is active, locate and click on "sign in" to go to your profile page and then do claim the blog.
4. Already entered?
already fill your username and password correctly?If you have, now go to the profile page by clicking on the link name (account), your profile photo in addition to,
5. Began to claim the blog, under your profile, fill in the blog url in the Start a blog claim, fill in for example, then click "Claim"
6. Next page, fill out the form correctly:
* Blog tittle: the contents of the theme of your blog, eg this blog theme is "Nothing is exceeded is difficult to achieve when there is a will, let's learn."
* URL: blog address, for example
* Feed: rss feeds blog, may address such default, or third-party service such as Feedburner
* Linking blogs: here can be noted three blogs link to your blog, can not be filled
* Site description: blog description, match the theme of the blog
* Site categories: check the appropriate category with your blog, you can choose more than one category
* Site tags: fill each cell with keywords related to the content of your blog.Can one word or more per cell.
* Then click "Proceed to the next step"
7. On the next page, which claim the status of the blog page, click the "Return to profile"
8.Look below your profile, your blog is listed now, it's just still needed verification token code.Therefore, to begin to claim the token, click the "Claim Check" below the thumbnail images to your blog.
9. The next page you can see text with blue background, i,e.H8Y3CN4R8295 (this is no my code is different for each blog), is a token code should we write in our blog page.Posting an article that contains the token code, and publish.Postings up to you, can contain only blank page code tokens, or all the article like you're reading this.why may copy and paste the link source to be written from this page.
10. After making sure the posting was published, now click the "Verify Claim Token" on page claim technorati, and see the results.