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More than 5000 qualified backlink list

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More than 5000 Qualified Backlink List Backlink is one of the foundation to raise the position of a site in the SERP.Every hear the word SEO is definitely a direct terbesit a backlink. In fact, SEO is not just a backlink.SEO consists of many things.Perhaps, because it's the most SEO backlinks is easy to implement and includes the most powerful way to optimize a site, so people - people think that SEO backlinks is an identity.
Please note that not all good backlinks.Backlinks but slightly better quality than a lot of backlinks, but not quality.Good andquality backlinkis a backlink that:
1. A niche(a theme) with our blog.
2. Publicable View, meaning anyone can see, including search engines without having to login first
3. is on the homepage or innerpage who had high pagerank
4. Do-follow (it seems search engines are now paying less attention to this)
5. located in strategic places.For example at the top sidebare better than baclink in the footer.
6. Backlinks come from a trusted site.For example backlinks from sites that use the domain. Gov or. Edu.Another example of ezinearticle backlinks, etc..
7. etc.
I still remember the SEO contest 2010, so a backlink is very important to improve SERP position in the keyword "Indonesia Ready to Compete in the SERP."Well ... this time I will distribute a list of backlinks in the form. Xls (excel document) that have been neatly arranged. This backlink list I get when I surf the forum - SEO forums (I forget which forum).The download link is list of backlinks: the list of backlinks have a lot of backlinks - including quality backlinks backlinks from blogs. edu and. gov and also backlinks that are auto approve. Please download and hopefully useful.