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Dollar earn through ptr blogsvertise

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Dollars earned through PTR BlogvertiseFind Love, Friendship and Fun NearMountain View!Join for Free!Got your own blog?Ever tried Paid to Review (PTR)? If the posts ago I was talking about one of the best PTR broker, namelySponsoredreviews, it's time to discussBlogvertise.At this time a lot of PTR brokers on the internet, with its pros and cons of each. In this article I will try to give some details aboutBlogvertise,and what's the difference with another PTR. *. Just like other PTR, registrationBlogvertiseblogin quite easily.Originally posts filled enough and have enough traffic, then the blogs most likely be approved (even though the blog with a PR 0.) In addition blogs with third-leveldomain (free) suchas. Blogspot.comeven the ones qualified to be approved.
* UnlikeSponsoredreviewsorBuyBlogReviews,Blogvertisenot require the system to get a Job review BID/ task. Taskwill be provided byBlogvertisewith equitable distribution systems, so that a blogger will not get richtasksin a single occasion.
*. PriceBlogvertisetaskof fairly high, perhaps even the greatest compared to other PTR. For example me, although I can place a minimum price for a review of $ 3 - $ 5 on my blog, in fact the averagetaskthat I could be worth $ 9 - $ 10 (clean, no cuts!).I personally enrolled 5 blogs with PR 2-4, and got around 5 Taks per month.
*. In addition to reviews (which inBlogvertisetermedblog entry),task inBlogvertisealso includetext links, bannersandvideo ads.Only when this article was written three of these features are still experimental.
*. Deadline forarticle writing is 5 days since thetaskis given.
*. Nominimum wordsin a job review.Blogvertiserequires only 2-3 paragraphs.
*. Review completed on-submitwill be judged by adminBlogvertise,ukon-approve(the process is about 1-3 days aftersubmit)or berejected.If there are errors or poor quality of writing reviews, articles will berejectedand the bloggers were given the opportunity to improve and Resubmit.
*. Payment viaPaypal,30 days after the article getsapprovalfrom admin.During this lapse of 30 days, the article should not be deleted from the blog.150x150 2d Meraup Dollar lewat PTR Blogvertise
*. Frequently login toBlogvertise,because there are featuresgrab bag task(GBT).GBT is a review that was rejected by a blogger, or reviews that expired for not immediately done, so the cast to other bloggers.You have to be quick in this GBT won or will be preceded by other bloggers.Help desk
Blogvertiseless helpful.I often send e-mail if there is a problem, but rarely responded back (Sometimes there are problems such as the review that does not goin-approveorreject,the new blog is registered in a period of
*. There area affiliate programs.Might just as well if you want to registerBlogvertise,use myaffiliateyes, just click the banner on the right side of this.
*. Happy hunting $ $ $!