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write an effective review for advertiser

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how to write a review that effectivewhen given the task of the broker PTR?Difficulties in terms of vocabulary or grammar can actually be addressed through the dictionary, google translate or software transtool penerjemaah like. Difficulties actually:Do not know what to write!If only because of our lack of knowing 'product knowledge', this can still be solved by opening the official website of the product or service that will be reviewed. Is it after we know the product / service to be in-review issue is finished?Not necessarily.Content review is less interesting and does not meet the desires of the advertiser can cause a review that we handed rejected (Rejected). Advertiser want a fair review and natural in the eyes of the public.Here is asystematic writing reviews I usually do, which so far has not been rejected by the advertiser (different when recently wrote a review in the style I arbitrarily). There are 5 sections into write a review1.PreliminaryIn this section, write why you are writing product / service 'X'.Remember!Do not write that you're writing a review.If you will review the 'blogging with blogger', tell me just how you had been blogging with wordpress and then switching to blogspot.
2. Background
In this section, please write about your product or service that will be reviewed.Production of whom, of whom, in cooperation with whom, when started to operate and so forth.
3. ExcellenceThis section is writing the advantage of products or services we review.Its source could be from the 'product knowledge' that exists on the website or testimonials from other people.Can also from our own perspective.
4. DeficiencyTo make it look balanced, we can also write a shortage of products or services we review.But do not write a major deficiency.Write down any general deficiency who also had many similar products or services.
5. Conclusion
In this final section, we shall make a conclusion as well as an invitation to use the product or service, invites open official website of products / services we review.Here also we can write our decision to use the products or services we review. Here also we can write our decision to use the products or services we review.Actually there is another way to write a review of potential will also be approved by the advertiser.But rather than bother, why not write with the systematics at the top?Guaranteed reviews that you write directly approval (approved) by the advertiser (outside of the language barrier of course).This means there will be dollars that flow into paypal and your blog will be more trusted to write a review: D Fun