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How to get backlinks from sites google

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How to backlinks from sites google Backlink is so important to increase the popularity of a website.With a quality backlink, then the website will be deemed qualified in the eyes of search engines It would also be supportive if the backlinks that we have come from trusted sites partof the search engines, especially google.This is one technique to findbacklinks from sites owned by Google.If you already have an account with google, it is worth glancing at several sites owned by google to search for backlinks.Some sites that could be used google as backlinks fields are:
1. google profile a link can wager on google profile, can be seen after the login on the right google account. Perform editing of links that will be put, may be a blog, facebook, twitter etc.But not too much, eventually it will be considered spam by google.
2. google buzz blog feed redirect you to the service later will appear in your Google profile, that way you will get a linkback, but I would recommend the manual way, which means put your link button via Google buzz to make it look natural.
3. youtube create account on Youtube and input your blog link in your Youtube channel profile.Then often comment on the videos that already had high PR, then link the profile (channel or channels) you sprayed the PR of the pages of videos that were PR, the effect is your blog link in the profile also sprayed PR.
4. google forum in pages in the Google forum so quickly indexed and can be PR.Well if you frequently play there - that is often nimbrung discussion - then Google your profile page (see point 1 above) also sprayed PR, the effect is that you put your blog link in the profile follow-sprayed PR. the effect is that you put your blog link in the profile follow-sprayed PR.
5. you can write articles.And allowed to put links.This means that backlink will soon stop by the link that you put But Google's future could be changed minds and made the "nofollow" above pages.And one more thing, should not most put link, due to the above services owned by Google.It would be very easy for them to detect that you do spam, if too many links that you input, so that's perfectly natural.