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How to Blog Feeds Submit to Digg V4

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Tips and Tricks How to Blog Feeds Submit to Digg V4 How to promote our posts into a number of search engines is the easiest way to increase traffic to visit our blog.One of them is toimport your blog feed Us to for articles we can read the netter who make searching through the site.Good news for my friends who use Digg to promote your blog posts.Now you no longer need to bother to submit your articles one by one one to Digg because of the new features via Digg V4namelyImport feeds, now you canimport a blog feedyou to Digg, so every time you post a new article, the article will automatically be sent to Digg without interference from us.With this feature, it would be easier for the blog owner who wants to promote his blog article on Digg. How to Import / Blog Feeds Submit to Digg?
1. Login to your Digg account, if not have an account please listhere
2. If asked to follow another Digger and invite friend, just ignore the click Next Step
3. After logging into your account page.SelectSettings->Import Feeds
4. then you will be taken view the first as follows:
5. The contents of your blog feed address anda.Expamle nameblogandahttp:// .com / feeds / posts / defaultor you use a feed from Feedburner service and select the appropriate topic and then click theAdd Button feed
6. After that, you will be asked to verify your blog.Copy the code provided and place it above your latest post and clickVeriry Now.(You can remove the code after the verification process is complete). If successful it will show the status verified,
7. And all your articles will appear on the page'My News'in less than 24 hours.Congratulations submit your blog articles to Digg ...
Hopefully this article useful