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How to make a campaign blog at digg

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How to Make a Campaign Blog at Digg Too asyyik posts often make us forget to promote your blog.Blog without promotion is like the person selling without ever opening his mouth, smiling or offering merchandise.Guaranteed not going to sell that merchandise to rot without ever touched the buyer. Who are the losers?Not the cat of course.We own!Create a blog so easy to access and read visitor can be done by promoting a blog through the sharing site that specifically open promotional services, like Digg. If while many who have to go through the registration process as complicatedto make ID cards without a broker,here with a very fast you can do in just 10 minutes.Of course, all completely free.How do the campaign on Digg: *. Join DiggCLICK on the text above.Its position above the middle (Navbar).
*. RegistrationIn the registration page you are asked to write biodata including:
*. User NameWrite a User Name without a space.Use the same user name as in an email or blog so will not create confusion because it uses a lot of user names will eventually make our own confusion.
*. Password Write down as well as used in emails or blogs.Repeat charging a password for the next column.
*. Email Address (Email Address)Type the email in the space provided.
*. Birthday (Birth)Fill sequentially month, date and year. Write the characters exactly as written in the box.
*. Agreement (consent)You must approve the regulations on Digg, just proceed with theCLICK button I agree, continue ....
*. Now, please check your emailDigg send emails that are intended to verify the truth of your data.Verify that shipped at the same time serves as alink activation.Open your email thenclick on the link. Examples of activation link: .....
*. Add ProfileNext will be offered a form to add your profile data.This form is optional.If you agree content of new data that will be added later continueCLICK SAVE Changes button.If none of the data you want to add, you canskip this step-CLICK button.
*. New SubmitTo promote your blog, look at the top of the center will look like the text above.CLICK text.
*. Submit a New Link Phase-1Enter your blog URL in full:Example ->, then select the media that are available with a mark on the icon that is round.Adjust the orientation of blog posts.
*. ContinueCLICK on this button and wait until the process is complete.
*. Submit a New Link Phase-2In this section we shall determine the specific blog post material.
*. Write a description of the blog in English that explain in a simple focus on blog posts.
*. Continue by selecting a thumbnail.
*. Choose TopicSelect and adjust the topic blog with a topic that is available.There is only one option in this section.
*. Write CharacterPull the bottom of the page to the end.Write the displayed characters back then lanjukan withCLICK submit story *. Success!Your story has been submittedThe registration process is complete and terahir make a comment, please type the characters thenCLICK the Save Comment button.It's finished the registration process on theDigg blog promotion.Hopefully useful for my friends during these bloggers who find it difficult to conduct a campaign.One step forward has been made, the next post will return us discuss in detail the process of promotions on other sites.