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How to get job in linkworth

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share How to get job in Linkworth.Job in Linkwroth were supplied by the advertiser to all bloggers who have the same category. Well, that we may miss out with a job that we must be diligent, be diligent in checking our account Linkworth.In Linkworth there are 3 types of reviews:
*. Linkpost withgreenbackground means we can direct this job without waiting for approval Advertiser Linkpost with yellow background means we can take this job but must wait for approval from the advertiser, whether our blog worthy or not accept this job.
*. Linkpost with a red background means that this job can not we take. To checking whether there are jobs for our blog, here's how;
1. Sign in
2. After logging in, we'll be in our dashboard page in Linkworth.Message Centerynag directly see on the right (red circle). Then see Alert,if at the Alert is writinga LinkPost jobs available(as seen pictured) means there is one job that is available for us.But if the Alert is visible is like the picture below,means no job are available for us.
4. Click ona LinkPost jobs availableand after it will be seen the picture below.This job wasa yellow backgroundso we can take but with the approval Advertiser.Click the red marks to her linkpost Accept this Job.
5. ClickAccept Job to accept this job.If you wish to cancel this offerclick Cancel.
6. After click Accept would appear that linkpost Job confirmation has been received and we are asked to wait for confirmation from Advertiser (see green text).Usually notified blogs that we can review the job will be received within 24 hours via e-mail us.