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Easy way to changing titles to be more seo friendly

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The easy way to Changing titles to be more seo friendly one that increases traffic to your blog is detected by Google is the title format.This aspect is not the most important yet highly to the success of your blog.If you feel that the format of the title in your blog about SEO, you can replace it.How to change the format of the title or author on blogspot to make itmore SEO. In terms would improve the position of the post in the search results via search engines (SERP).That would enhance the visitors coming to your blog.By default the format of the displayed title is the first name instead of Title Blog Post. Examples Blog Name: Hudul Post, and then we will change the display to be like this: Post Title | Blog Name.more details, please follow these steps.Please log into your Dashboard, then selectLayout / Layout,select Edit HTML, then look directly below the tag<head>code like this:
<title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>Remove and replace with code like this :<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'> <title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title><b:else/><title> <data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/> </ title></ B: if> Check if there are less(').Furthermore, please save the changes to your template. And wait several hours and days, depending on the crawling search engines, the sooner the better.Hopefully Helpful!