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How to buy domains and hosting

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How To Buy Domains And Hosting Alohaaaa!Nie day I want to study a little closer things internet korang ni. Tenet do not play os betenet That's all the things wrong in the month of fasting.Owh no fast time was wrong dow jugak!Korang not know how to buy domain and hosting?Two things this is the basic thing once before congratulating someone close to you because you are to succeed at your website or blog with nature and the brain itself. Haha!Sita is actually hard to want to do this website.Only the initial tu la is a bit clumsy with things all tu hosting and Cpanel.When the ordinary at all so excited je future.Trust me bebeyh! People at any age can do all those things.Not hard!Not hard!What is important to be korang take the first step to buying a domain and hosting.So today I want to teach how korang tu buying process and what to consider before buying a domain and hosting. If this domain near the internet, if you want your business account at korang dah kind of name stores.So sometimes there are reasons people want to buy this domain reflect the business or the name of his company.Each person purchasing a domain with the purpose and the reasons vary. Not just the name of JE jugak.There are factors that can affect the way people buy this domain.Hosting this kind of shop pulak monthly / yearly.If you want your business must keep all items in the shop right. If at any store name, the shop must be there right?Ehehehe ..So for those who want to create a website, blog or any site whatsoever, then all the pictures, files and items needed to construct tu website will be stored in hosting this. You can buy domain and hosting from any company to be reliable and robust in terms of support for and hosting this domain.I encourage the purchase of the company korang always been touted by many people, especially bloggers, bloggers who already learned a great article using this domain and hosting. Do not buy from the company korang pulak tu tu if the company is sponsoring the domain and hosting blogger.You can buy domain and hosting them separately, but if before korang ni never had a domain and hosting, I recommend buying korang simultaneously. When korang dah select domain and hosting packages that attract the eye korang, you will update the shopping cart and checkout company to make payment.Korang these people would take to go to a page where all the costs invoiced and payment will be expressed in there.Company also korang will email a copy of the invoice information to the monthly / yearly.Then You can make payment online or offline.Online through internet banking and transfer into the company bank account.If the offline kind of usual, you have to go kedek terkedek-bank for deposit into the bank accounts of the company.Do not forget to keep receipts for deposit korang be scanned into a computer or laptop korang email to the company and the payment information monthly / yearly.If you use online banking, you just amik a screenshot or copy and paste the details of payments.