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How to register at technorati

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How to Register TechnoratiWhat is Technorati?Technorati is one of the largest blog directory at this time.And even many of its functions, in addition to being a directory blog, technorati can function as online bookmarks.In addition, byregistering our blog at technorati blogcan increase traffic, as well as we can determine a website / blog anywhere that link our blog and much know who put the link belongs to us, how very easily is my friend just live his blog register in becoming a member of their site then later my friend will find out whether anyone has ever put a link to his blog, how is my friend just wrote down the name of your site / blog into the search engine owned by them.As an example, please my friend visit the site briefly, if already on the site please enter the URL of my blog this ishttp://belajarduniamaya.comthen click theSearchbutton it will automatically show how many sites in / blogs that put a link to this blog. Interested? must , and I suggest to the guys all to register their blogs on to register: 1.Please visit 2.Click theJoinbutton located on the right above. 3.Fill in some forms of existing 1.Member name -> Fill in the name of a buddy want.Example: newbie. 2.Email Address -> Fill in the email address mate.Example: 3.Choose a password -> contents with a password that my friend wanted. Example: random. 4.Confirm password -> Fill again with that earlier in the write password.Example:random 1.Put a check / tick the little boxI agree toamping writingTecnorati's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service 2.Click the join button 3.After that, it would appearthe confirmation code.Ignore the menu.And immediately check your email listed on technorati and then click the link that has been given through your email.For example link like this: 5.Once on the account page mate, try to turn your attention to the lower left of the screen 6.Click on Claim your blog 7.Write the address of your blog.Example: 8.ClickBegin claim,wait a moment 9.AfterQuick ClaimandPost Claim, 10.Form fill with your username blogger's friend 11.Form FillBlogger Passwordwith a password of my friend bloggers 12.Click theQuick Claim Now 13.After the"Congratulations!,The next step is to fill the Edit Blog Settings 1.Fill in thedescriptionform with a description of your blog.Example: a practical guide to create a blog at 2.Select the main language in use on chooice language 3.ContentTagswith keywords related to your blog.Example: Tutorials, bloggers, blog tutorials, and others. 4.Favorite ButtonsCopy the code that you will put in your blog. 1.Click thesave button Blog Info.
2. Done