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How to get quality backlinks 2000

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How to get quality backlinks 2000 Hmmm.This is my first posting.I get info from SEO forums, abouthow to get quality backlinks how (dofollow) I got information from Mr. Ericsson.The story is like this.Si Mr. Ericsson has been studying online business over 4 years.He's already really understand how toget quality backlinks,especially from Authority sites. Well from his experience he discovered how to get backlinks the easy and effective that will enhance SERP.Backlink gained not only a mock backlinks.But it backlinks from authority sites. Of course get free backlink,we must attempt.If for example we are lazy, we could outsource her to the other party.Ngabisin Because this job can take 6-8 hours.Gapapa right?At least your fingers curl.LOL.Ok just my love of info: 1. Make 2 pieces of unique articles which consist of 250-350 words. 2. Look for about 15 pieces free blogs like, blogger, LiveJournal, Hubpages, yahoo360, squidoo, or the other. 3. Create an account at the blogs that you created earlier, then post a unique 2 articles that you created earlier, and paste the 3 pieces of backlinks to your site. 4. Once created 15 blogs, get all the RSS feeds from each blog that you created earlier. 5. Then his submitlah all rss feeds to 25 rss feeds directory as, millionrss,, feedagg, feedage, or other rss feeds that you know. If all the work already done, then you will get over 2000 backlinks to your site.Loh, how come?How to do?See ya:Blogs Post 15 X 2 X 3 links = 90 linksBlogs Post 15 X 2 X 3 X 25 RSS Feed Link directory = 2.250 backlinks. Very WOW is not it?Please try how powerful this way.But for those who are promoting a new site, do a little aja, fear Google banned except for those who already have a fairly old site, you can do this step 2 to 3 sets per week. Hmm ..if eyes + your finger is still strong, you can download the 15-submit your blog to a minimum of 10 social bookmarking site.This will make your site indexed quickly.OK, start is working to get a free backlink and you will get results within a few days ahead.