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Is that Dofollow-Nofollow

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Is That Nofollow - DoFollow It's actually old school topics.But I am minded to lift it back to answer commentsIndependence Street.Google Page RankTo answer this we must first discuss the the google page rank first As we know, Google has a ranking system that became the standard assessment of a website or blog is popular or not.So how does Google judge?In theory, if we have a lot of"backlinks",then the Page Rank will increase our blog. "Vote" here would be more effective if the same direction.So we have a link on your site or another blog, website or blog while the link does not exist on our blog.(Because it's actually a link exchange or link exchange is not so effective in increasing Page Rank). What is nofollow and DoFollow? Borrowing an explanation from Wikipedia, Nofollow is ..."... An element to instruct Some search engines a hyperlink That Should not influence the link target's ranking ..."In the Indonesian language, Nofollow is an element who ordered the search engine not to include a link in determining the rankings. So when we put a link on the blog Nofollow (usually via the comments), search engines like Google, and others will continue to browse the links to our blog, but not taken into account in determining the "ranking". in contrast to the nofollow DoFollow will instruct the search engine to take into account the links that are included in the comments in determining the rankings (and leave comment on this blog: Ngarep mode on). How to View and DoFollow NofollowThe easiest way is to write a comment complete with our URL, then send.If we comment appears, right click> View Source or View Page Source. And please leave a comment, to increase your backlinks.