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Seo technique with many and quality backlinks

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Seo technique with the many and quality backlinks assalamualikum bloggers how are you? hopefully everything's fine, this time i'm back again to learn together to reveal the contents offpage SEO techniques, resume my previous articles about the off page seo techniques.seo is optimizing your blog or website in search engine sedangkang benefit is the most important in my opinion is to get visitors and many people read our content through the search engine or search engine / search site / blog 's like google yahoo bing etc.quality backlinks and many,if we have alot of backlinks and the backlinks quality in the sense it is useful to your blog or website I am sure will be easier tooptimize your blog in searching Enginin particular keyworeds, the more backlinks the better we have also, increasingly we are getting good quality backlinks as well. this is a difficult thing if we are lazy to really patient in finding quality backlinks and backlinks or links that lead many in our blog, because of technical tips seo / seo optimization really need patience Strong, in addition to our patient also had continuous or continuous melakaukan optimization seo, to get quality backlinks that we often frequent with the blogs that setopik bersosialisi with our blog by giving a good comment and must not weigh well I would not recommend, because it spam, and such acts are usually author knows. commenting and sharing that experience is positive and beneficial activity for us and also our blog commentary.looking for a lot of backlinks and link that many go to our blog or website- is the same way as above earlier, commented and added with exchange link / link excange, find blogs that link comment dofollow/ commonly called with dofollow blog you can see dofollow blog listin my article about thedofollow blog list, once again berkomentarlah with good quality and do not forget there are often comments / blog because blogs dofollow dofollow will provide many benefits inoff page seo techniques.Swap links- alias each other blogs link to each other with anchor text that we are targeting for major keywords in our blog / keywords our articles, exchanging links with similar benefits to comment on dofollow blogs, and this is according to experts could seo blogs in order to boost PR.istirahata first- do not rush-cepet fast want our efforts succeed, we will further our article because I've pegel wrote it. seo optimization gradual manner then the success rate will also be gradual and more strong and powerful are not easily collapse.