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Factors influencing pageranks

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Some Factors influencing pageranks Factors Affecting Pagerank. Do you know if Google has a very complicated formula to determine the pagerank of a blog or website.probably no one who definitely know how that formula.but for me why we should think about such things.maybe for some people a pagerank can spur someone to be more active in blogging and update article on his blog.if you base it to create and have a blog.The following points may be made in a reference to determine what factors are theinfluencing pageranka blog or website:
1. Inbound links This will determine from all values.a link from a site is a vote for the in that headed.sites that have a higher pagerank will be viewed by the vote from the site will be given more value by Google.more trivial like this "link that gives more votes, then the value of the site and the pagerank in the can is also getting high"
2. Backlink Reduced Maybe your blog is missing some important link of the site had a high pagerank.because the link is not related to your blog.
3. Themes From The Same Backlink If the sites are interconnected and have the same theme and build backlinks, then the value that is given by google will be even greater.because your site is considered useful as well by the visitors because it has the same theme, does not mean the same content.
4. On Banned Sites Website or blog, you can be banned by google if established and is associated with illicit or pornographic you have to be careful with this.
5. Update Content Regularly Maybe with regular updates and periodical articles can make your Blog in love Google, but did not rule does not improve PageRank automatically.browse content affects only the search results on Google.More important consideration is the LINK that led to your blog.
6. Relevance Backlink If the backlinks are not relevant to the content or the content of your blog, then the value that is given is not too large.
7. Links By Label No-Follow then google will not count in determining pagerank.

8. Link From Your Own Home PageSebuag blog or website will never be able to vote on the blog it self

9. Links Blacklist Links from sites on the blacklist will not affect your PageRank, otherwise if you linnk leads to a bad site it will affect your pagerank.May be useful for your blog.