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Make internal autolink in blogger

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Tips to Make Internal autolink in blogger is quite simple and easy, we do not need to add plugins to a third party.Just one line of code inherited from blogspot are needed and the internal links will be automatically created on each article Internal links point for what? Simple ONLY! to improve the SEO Further explanation about internal links you can look at wikipedia Internal workings AutoLink After we add a single line of code! will automatically create a link on EVERY ARTICLE and anchor-text was created in accordance with the title of each article Internal layout or placement of automatic links where?Well for this one, pleacement not on the content in other words!agan up :D In my opinion put the code just below the content. If already clear now part peek at the source code to build the Internal AutoLink on Blogger

1. As usual login blogger> design> edit HTML> then check Expand Widget Templates

2. Find the code<data:post.body/>
3. AutoLink Input Internal code under the code above<data:post.body/>Thanks for reading:<a expr:href='' expr:title='data:post.title'> <data:post.title/> </ a>

4. Save

5. Open your article and see the results a good idea to creation by replacing the words "thanks for reading" above to your liking

Note : These tips are only establish a link on one article alone so if we want to connect articles to one another using the manual way :D but if bro and sis already know how!please shared Oh yes, to seo the existence of internal links and backlinks are important. Hopefully the article Tips to MakeInternal AutoLinkon Blogger can be useful. Happy blogging