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How to Register at StumbleUpon create an account at StumbleUpon is one way to meet with publishers and other readers who have an interest on the same topic, as well as to help increase traffic and SEO.Here's how to register to create a StumbleUpon account: *. Visit *. Enter your data in columns registration required.You can use the same username and logos with your account that is in other social media websites, it is well to create a 'brand' itself. *. After completing the registration form, StumbleUpon will send an email to you, click the verification link in the email to complete registration. *. Next, you can download the StumbleUpon toolbar which is offered to be installed on the Firefox browser you (recommended). *. If you've installed the toolbar, you can start doing a few things: login and choose your favorite topics (education, sports, computers, cars, business, humor, or anything else). *. After that press the Stumble!located on the left side of the toolbar and StumbleUpon will begin to show and recommend sites that they think maybe you'll like based on the categories you selected when registering. To browse to another site you just simply press the Stumble!again. *. If you like the website, click on 'i like it' blue button located image "thumb upward" to give such an award on the site and recommend to other StumbleUpon members. If you do not like the current page you can click the 'thumbs down', there are key images "thumbs down" to give a bad rating and StumbleUpon will learn to know what you do not like and does not display a site like that anymore.